We've journeyed through time, but the best is yet untraveled.

Founded in 1996, we embarked on a mission to craft unforgettable shows, ceremonies, and memories. Our journey is marked by powerful collaborations with people who share our passion for bringing extraordinary visions to life.
You can trust us when we say ‘it’s been eventful’.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Design (2D / 3D)
  • Full Scale Production
  • Protocol Experts
  • AI Enthusiasts

Where global talent thrives as one

In 2016, HQWS joined forces with the BalichWonderStudio, formerly known 
as Worldwide Shows Group. More than expanding horizons; this union brought together unrivaled talent and decades of experience, catalyzing exponential growth, and propelling the company to new heights.

Our nest of collaborators

Trusted Clients

The feathers in our cap


Alessandro Azais

Chief Executive Officer Visionary-in-Chief

Katie Veira

Founding Partner &
Chief Creative Officer
Dream Alchemist

Tim Jacobs

Chief Operating Officer Grand Maestro of Implementation

Deema Sultan

General Manager KSA Director of KSA

Andy Pert

Chief Business Officer Collaborative Connector

Louise Vlatko

Chief Commercial Officer Money Maestro

Sandeep Lalwani

Chief Financial Officer Revenue Architect

Claire Bavington

Chief Projects Officer Strategy Navigator

David Jakic

Managing Director APAC Visionary Futurist

Begaim Goulty

Executive Support Specialist Queen Bee

Hedley Grist

Key Account Director Client Relationship Mason

Linda Guldemond

Director of Client Services & Operations Sorceress of Projects Implementation

Issa Sabah

Studio Director Creative Visionary

Taghred Chandab

Strategic Director for Events and Positioning Brand Positioning Maestro

Abby Messaoudi

IP Relations Director Alliance Artisan

Matteo Mantovani

Strategic Business Development Navigator of Business Frontiers

Fareed Bawa

Project Director Master of Collaboration

Lucy Hawes

Project Director Master Orchestrator

Kamen Veira

Project Director Maven of Project Delivery

Steven Burton

Project Director Master Orchestrator

Lionel Oury

Creative Director Deep Dive Thinker

Nick Foote

Creative Director Master of Meticulous Design

Scott Hart

Creative Director Idea Architect

Lucy Ridley

Creative Director Creative Catalyst

Nabil Nasr

Creative Director Keeper of The CyberForest

Grant Orchard

Creative Director Architect of Creative Disturbance

Josh Lindberg

Creative Director Creative Concept Curator

Snehal Fernandes

Creative Director Creative Luminary

John Ward

Creative Director Visionary Artisan

Yara Maalouli

Creative Director Artistic Imagination Maestro

Jorg Skorobogatov

Creative Director Ad Nomad

Stephanie Ospina

Content Manager Creative Storyteller

Steve Wilson

Production Director Wizard of Efficiency

Kristofer Collier

Technical Director Tech Vanguard

Rob Barratt

Technical Director Sultan of Systems & Sound

Sherif Galaleldin

Technical Director Artis-Tech Wizard

Tom Gray

Project Director Commander of Project Frontiers

Rana Johal

Production Director Multitasking Mastermind

Rudi Massie

Technical Manager Tech Sorcercer

Souraya El Dana

Senior Project Manager Entertaining Maestro

Hisham Sadek

Production Manager Production Magic Maker

Adnan Akhtar

HSE & Project Manager Safety and Strategy Steward

Armanda Baptista

Associate Creative Director Idea Catalyst

Andrew Kemp

Associate Design Director Innovation Umpire

Bugsy Garcia

Associate Design Director Design Engineer

Francis Eugenio

Associate Design Director Creative Fusionist

Mohab Mokhtar

Senior Creative Designer Sky Diving & Parkour Master

Lawrence Rowell

Visualiser Master of Colour & Light

Himanshu Tanwar

Senior 3D Motion Graphics Designer Visual Effects Virtuoso

Prince Trinidad

Senior 3D Designer Master of Digital Dimensions

Carlos Olidan

3D Designer Digital Sculptor

Juan Miguel

3D Designer Spatial Experience Creator

Dinesh Kakkanattu

Designer Sketch Artist Conceptual Illustrator Extraordinaire

Nada Bin Talal

Associate Creative Creative Spark Igniter

Jerry Jessica

Senior Designer Deck Master

Sarah Sabah

Senior 2D Designer Visual Alchemist

Michael Dalpiaz

Designer Two-Dimensional curator

Pulchur Rappai

Production Executive Artistic Production Guru

Hind Lootah

Junior Designer Design Rescuer

Harini Chandrasekaran

Junior Designer Emerging Design Talent

Zion Veira

Associate Producer – Audio Visual Multimedia Mastermind

Finlay Jamieson

Associate Producer – Audio Visual Multimedia Savant

Ebrahim Hasan

Senior Copy Lead Last Word on Words

Basma Faramawy

English/Arabic Copywriter Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Shaikha Al Suwaidi

Project Cordinator Workflow Maestro

Sandra Zarneshan

Producer Film & Photography Enthusiast

Elly Nasr

Producer Production Maestro

Laila Zahid Dia

Assistant Creative Producer Concept Weaver

Shahad Otair

Production Manager Production Navigator

Kimi Kerawalla

Senior Project Manager / Logistics Operational Mastermind

Fatima Eisa

Senior Project Manager Strategic Planner Extraordinaire

Hadeel Hijazi

Senior Project Manager Orchestrator of Order

Farah Taher

Project Manager Initiative Orchestrator

Hesham Al Rawashdeh

Project Manager Project Rockstar

Angham Badawi

Project Manager Project Maestro

Eva Quinn

Project Manager Agile Project Ninja

Marta Tulimiero

Project Manager Master of Precision and Agility

Alice Cristiano

Project Manager Project Rockstar

Charrise Esmale

Senior Project Coordinator Project Arbiter

Prarthna Bhargava

Senior Project Coordinator Project Wrangler

Nancy M Aquino

Production Executive Production Guru

Erica Visarra

Production Coordinator Creative Logistics Guru

Gian Chand

Production Coordinator Backstage Captain

Awais Butt

IT Manager Techno Maestro

Yogesh Sulakhe

Accounts & Administration Manager Financial Administration Guru

Shaikh Abdulla

Chief Accountant Financial Guardian

Mukesh Chainani

Senior Accountant Number Ninja

Abhishek Choudhary

Warehouse Administrator Inventory Control Specialist

Sanjiva Shirodkar

Warehouse Administrator Captain of Efficiency and Accuracy

Ramesh Mudunuri

Office Clerk Administrative Ninja

Aravindakshan Pillai

Office Clerk / Driver Administrative Road Warrior

Christel Gratela

Receptionist Director of First Impressions