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For the first edition of Abu Dhabi Art, HQWS was commissioned to design and deliver the Design Studio and VIP Majlis structures and interiors. Described as ‘unusual, stylish and exiting’ the structures themselves became talking points of the fair. An abstract concept was adopted for the interior design of ‘The Majlis’ – using a series of clean white partitions, each angled at 10 degrees and edged with mirrors, to create a false sense of perspective and define the various lounge, theatre and reception spaces within.

Referencing the Abu Dhabi Art brand identity and vibrant pink colour scheme throughout, the VIP Majlis incorporated an external, terrace area where guests could relax and enjoy the stunning ocean views.

In its second year, the Abu Dhabi Art identity reflected an environmental theme and fresh green colour palette. Interior designs and finishes embraced a variety of natural materials such as wood, slate, moss, grass and even ‘air plants’ imported from the Czech Republic. Digitally printed fabric panels were suspended from the ceiling, creating a ‘virtual oasis’ to soften the space and diffuse sunlight during the daytime.

The external terrace was adorned with cactus and desert plants, and guests could relax under sun canopies and enjoy live music courtesy of ‘Lola’ the iconic VW Camper/ DJ Booth. The opening reception, which extended throughout the Emirates Palace grounds, stayed true to the environmental theme – mixing an exciting range of expandable ‘craft paper’ furniture with a variety of custom made wooden pieces and carefully designed lighting effects to create a subtle, contemporary and very elegant ambience.

For the third edition, HQWS produced the entire event, alongside TDIC, in its new home ‘The UAE Pavilion’ located on Saadiyat Island.

HQWS installed over 2,500m of exhibition walling, built a bespoke theatre and created a stunning VIP Majlis area with a wood decked floor, pergolas and 10m high projections.

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