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HQ was commissioned to produce a meeting on behalf of 'Dubai The Model Centre', an initiative of The Executive Council of Dubai, for 100 participants from 16 key government departments and services.

The event took the form of a three-day bootcamp style meeting: the ‘City Makers Competition’, and featured creative team building activities, workshops and a citywide treasure hunt. The programme was structured to encourage networking, competitive spirit, innovation, and to produce ideas / initiatives.

The event took place at SkyDive Dubai; a highly energised location known for extreme sports that would inspire attendees to think outside the box.

The venue’s outdoor terrace area was dressed with giant games, dartboards, industrial furniture, a giant 3D logo, hanging garden seating, bikes and street art.

Inside the venue, a central seating area was created from bespoke coloured cubes, positioned in different formations each day. Workshops took place in custom built, themed rooms, which were designed and decorated to represent the various government departments.

HQ managed the full concept, onsite programme, logistical and operational aspects of the event and was proud to receive a Middle East Event Award for ‘Best Meeting or Conference’ for the event.

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