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Produced by HQWS exclusively for Expo 2020 Dubai, in collaboration with Grammy-Award-winning composer Steve Sidwell, ‘The Sounds of Nature’ dazzled spectators at the Jubilee Stage on Monday as part of the Climate and Biodiversity Theme Week.


The 60-minute show uses the power of the human voice to create a stunning soundtrack to a visual journey of discovery, reminding us how beautiful our world is. The dramatic show features powerful performances from a chorus of 40 voices, embedded with SFX Choir (Human Orchestra) and audioscapes, including birdsong, rain, wind, waves, mountain springs and erupting volcanoes.

The multi-layered soundtrack was generated and delivered entirely through the human voice and body movement, further amplified through a pre-recorded bed of additional tonal textures and subtle vocals.

No narration or dialogue is used, but the show makes its point solely through powerful imagery and sound, bringing on stage a different way to experience and celebrate humankind’s connection to nature.


Incorporating drama and stunning visual effects, ‘The Sounds of Nature’ tells its story in five segments, starting with beauty, and flora and fauna, then moving onto the fury and power of nature, before arriving at its oneness with mankind. The show also depicts how man became the destroyer, but ends on an optimistic note by celebrating the efforts to undo the damage.

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