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At the request of the Royal Commission for AlUla, HQWS as Executive Producers created Constellations. A revolutionary show concept where autonomous drones were the primary storytellers and not just a short segment in a much bigger piece.

The spectacular event was showcased in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the AlUla Skies season. Truly immersive in its nature, the production reached into the souls of the audience for 35 minutes as 2500 autonomous drones danced in the sky, synchronised to custom content projected on a hologauze screen, an epic bespoke music score, powerful narration and so much more based on the history of AlUla.


The sky at night was bought into the 21st Century, as drones painted the celestial heavens with giant images and highlighted visible star constellations. The revered and ancient tradition of sharing stories in the region provided with modern technology to accompany a bespoke script and a charismatic voiceover.

After a brief introduction, the audience sat back and relaxed while they were taken on a journey through the wonders of constellations on a rotating turntable which ensured guests viewed the entire night sky. Designed to ensure the story was still at the centre of the experience, the narration charted a path through ancient civilisations and the nature of Al Ula as their home.


With the entire production supported through considered touches such as a F&B experience with carefully curated comfort food that had a cosmic theme, as well as a star gazing experience by renowned astronomy professor Dr. Anwar from Qtaif and his students, Constellations has been widely praised both by the guests who attended and the client who bought the opportunity to deliver something truly unique.

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