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Bringing the world together at one of the largest events on the planet fusing communities, cultures, innovation and host of talent, Expo 2020 Dubai promised the world a show and an experience to remember. From the spectacular architecture of the country pavilions to the finite details of cuisine from the most far-flung places on earth, every detail would be considered and executed in a manner that would showcase Dubai in its best light.


Not least, this included the curation, programming, and management of live entertainment central to the primary venues at the expo site, which HQWS were entrusted with. Over 6 months, HQWS meticulously crafted a wide array of entertainment capturing the essence of nations in attendance and the spirit of Expo 2020 together. From the detail of custom choreography, props and costumes to the big picture of event concepts, execution and logistics spanning over 180 days of entertainment, HQWS guided the Expo team through everything from music night, cultural festivals, film screenings and poetry events to dance, opera, comedy and theatrical productions in order to create a one of a kind event program that would set the benchmark for future expos for years to come.

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