Nabataean Nights
and Michelin Delights

Awna Restaurant: Hegra's Culinary Gem Hegra, AlUla | KSA |
2-month pop-up experience
Type of management
Event Design, Culinary Collaboration, Entertainment Curation, Seamless Technical Production
Execution delivery
Culinary masterpieces by Michelin Star chefs, Immersive storytelling sessions, Arrival via horse-drawn carriages, Canyons projection show, Live music and DJ sets
Transformed the historical Hegra setting into a luxurious dining haven, creating an exclusive culinary experience celebrating the Nabataean culture.
Audience profile
Gourmets, Heritage Enthusiasts, Fine Diners, Invited Guests

Legacy on a Plate

Merging Michelin-starred mastery with ancient Nabataean inspirations, HQWS curated a journey back in time. The experience was heightened by historically-accurate storytelling, resonant music, and breathtaking projections.
What did we do?
What did we do?
HQWS conceptualized and executed a pop-up restaurant experience at Hegra, ensuring every detail — from the food to the ambiance — reflected the grandeur of the Nabataean era and AlUla's rich heritage.
What were the challenges?
What were the challenges?
Perfectly blending contemporary culinary art with ancient tales, ensuring smooth logistics in a historical site, and integrating modern technology without disturbing the ambiance and authenticity of Hegra.
The Outcome

Where Stars
Meet Heritage

HQWS ensured that Awna wasn't just a restaurant; it was a multi-sensory experience. By blending cutting-edge culinary skills with rich historical narratives, we created a bridge between the Michelin stars and the stars that have shone over Hegra for millennia.
Awna Restaurant: Hegra's Culinary Gem

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