Reimagining Saudi Arabia

G20 India - Media Oasis Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, India | 2023
Type of management
Production Management and Project Lead Consultant
Execution delivery
Creative Concept, Design & Build, Operational Master-planner, Guest Journey
Audience profile
VVIP, Media, General Public

Unveiling Saudi Arabia's Rich Tapestry at G20

Situated 5 minutes from the prestigious G20 Summit, NEOM and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Media along with 8 other major Saudi government entities and giga projects entrusted HQWS with the monumental task of taking 'Brand Saudi' international. The stage was set at the opulent Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi, where HQWS orchestrated an immersive journey that shattered preconceptions about Saudi Arabia and provided guests with a profound insight into the Kingdom's transformative projects.
What did we do?
What did we do?
HQWS's solution lay in the meticulous curation of an event that infused authentic Saudi Arabian culture into every aspect. From the warm hospitality, including Najdi Dates and Saudi Coffee specially imported to India, to the captivating presentations by each partner, we aimed to showcase a Saudi Arabia that is diverse, forward-thinking, and brimming with excitement.
objectives and challenges?
objectives and challenges?
The primary objectives were to unveil Saudi Arabia's global vision to an international audience, demonstrating that Saudi Arabia is a hub of diversity and progress, while providing a platform to foster collaborations with media, local industrialists, and foreign dignitaries. We embarked on a mission to reshape perceptions about Saudi Arabia by crafting an immersive experience that transported guests from New Delhi to the heart of Saudi Arabia. The achived goal was not without its challenges: ensuring that each partner effectively presented their projects and missions to a diverse audience while maintaining the event's seamless flow required meticulous planning and execution.
The Outcome

A Solid Presence to Forge Global Bonds

"This event not only served as a working space for media to produce G20 content but also as a platform to amplify the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's recent global initiatives. A coalition of visionary partners, including The Ministry of Sport, Red Sea Global, the Future Investment Initiative, The Ministry of Investment, The Ministry of Energy, Sabic, SDAIA, Konoz, and the hosts Ministry of Media and NEOM, came together to present the best and brightest of Saudi Arabia. With preparations initiated within 24 hours of the Delhi event's conclusion, the resounding success of the event left our clients determined to plan the next Media Oasis and also fortified the Kingdom's global presence and vision on the international stage."

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