Expo 2030 Riyadh:
A Global Achievement

Media Oasis Paris | 2023
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Who's Who?

HQWS were asked to take no less than 13 clients to Paris on the eve of the vote that would mark the winning bid for the upcoming Expo 2030.
What did we do?
What did we do?
Standing at the forefront, gathering the Kingdom's powerhouses like NEOM, the Ministry of Sport, Diriyah, Saudi Tourism Authority, and pivotal projects like King Salman Park, King Salman Airport, Riyadh Metro, Green Riyadh, among others. As the Expo 2030 bid loomed, these major entities entrusted HQWS to craft their narrative, cementing their place in this monumental event. They counted on us to shine their brightest at this global stage.
What were the challenges?
What were the challenges?
Overcoming challenges and forgeing pathways for international success, is how we were able to support this multilayered event across expanding markets, establishing partnerships and enhancing visibility. Our unwavering support ensures clients triumph in their international outreach and this is what Media Oasis achieved.

& Trust

Navigating through every operational challenge, HQWS triumphantly orchestrated a live broadcast of the monumental voting event, hosting local and international media with seamless operational support, from venue arrangements to transport logistics. The air buzzed with excitement as Saudi Arabia clinched the Expo 2030 bid for Riyadh. The thrill of witnessing a nation's triumph was unparalleled.

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