From Pixels to Reality

MISK Art Week Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | 2021
2 Years
Type of management
Production Management and Project Lead Consultant
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VVIPs, Invited guests, Online Users

Nurturing Saudi's Creative Spirit

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh, the Misk Art Foundation plays a pivotal role in fostering artistic talent and propelling the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia onto the regional and global arts stage. Annually, the foundation orchestrates a captivating event to unveil the fruits of its artistic grants while igniting discussions that kindle the flames of the art scene in KSA, propelling it to new heights.
What did we do?
What did we do?
HQWS was tasked with the production of both 2020 and 2021 editions of MISK Art Week. In 2020, our focus was on crafting a digital experience, and in 2021 we expanded our role to encompass comprehensive physical production. We provided a digital platform that attracted a global audience and also facilitated discussions that extended beyond the event itself. In 2021, we built upon the success of the previous year, retaining a global following and attracting a burgeoning local audience.
What were the main objectives?
What were the main objectives?
Aiming to showcase the impact of MISK grants and elevating the art scene in KSA with thought-provoking discussions, our main objectives included creating a seamless transition from the virtual world to a physical stage in 2021. All while maintaining a global reach and enhancing local engagement, a custom structure housed panelists engaged in dynamic debates with speakers from across the world.
Main challenges and solution

Navigating the Artistic Evolution

Transitioning from a digital format to a hybrid event in 2021 required to extend the discussions beyond the event's confines: meeting the expectations of both global and local audience were among the key challenges.To address these challenges, HQWS executed the transition from a virtual setting to a custom-built physical structure equipped with stages, screens and web broadcasts, ensuring that MISK Art Week continued to flourish.
Misk Art Week

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