Volunteering Beyond Borders

IAVE World Volunteers Conference |
30 days
Type of management
Production Management and Project Lead Consultant
Execution delivery
Creative Concept, Design & Build, Show Production, Operational Master-planner, Guest Journey, Opening Dinner, Cultural Event
Audience profile
VIP, International Delegates, Media, Invited guests

Empowering Communities for a Better Tomorrow

Emirates Foundation took the honor of hosting the 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Abu Dhabi in October 2022. This momentous event brought together over 1,000 international participants who converged to deliberate, debate, and collaborate under the inspiring theme of 'Volunteering for the Common Good, Making Life Better for People and Communities'.
What did we do?
What did we do?
HQWS assumed the pivotal role of delivering a fully integrated turnkey production solution for the conference, from conceptualizing creative designs and space planning to meticulously managing guests, sponsors, speakers, and performers. The event was hosted across three venues in Abu Dhabi and featured both an awards night, multi-stream conference with 8 working environments running simultaneously as well as a cultural experience evening. Additionally, we took charge of providing comprehensive AV, lighting, and show control services. Given the presence of high-profile dignitaries both in the audience and on stage, flawless execution was paramount.
What were the main objectives?
What were the main objectives?
The primary objectives of the event were to facilitate an international dialogue on the significance of volunteering for the greater good. We aimed to orchestrate a seamless and impactful conference across three venues in Abu Dhabi showcasing the Emirates Foundation's achievements and abilitites whilst delivering a multistakeholder programme to an international audience. By embedding ourselves in the Emirates Foundation team and working closely as partners, this was achieved with less than four weeks of planning.
The Outcome

The Masterful Execution

The project came with its set of challenges: coordinating across multiple venues, managing the diverse needs of guests and participants, ensuring the smooth execution of AV, lighting, and show control in the presence of distinguished guests were some of the key challenges we navigated successfully, unfolding the IAVE Conference flawlessly. We embedded ourselves within the Emirates Foundation team, fostering a collaborative environment that was key to our exceptional succes.

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