Elevating NEOM
on the Global Stage

World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland | 2023
Type of management
Protocol Management, Complex International Logistics, Creative & Event Management, Client Embedded Team
Execution delivery
Establishment of the inaugural NEOM House at Davos, complete event logistics, and robust delegate management
Promoted NEOM's vision on a global scale, established key connections with global leaders and organizations, and paved the way for future investments and collaborations
Audience profile
Global leaders, 180+ global organizations across 14 industries, key influencers, public figures

Crafting NEOM’s Global Footprint

At the World Economic Forum, HQWS took charge, allowing NEOM to position its vision and values at the forefront of global discourse. We ensured NEOM's key stakeholders and executives stood out and engaged with the world's influential figures.
What did we do?
What did we do?
Alongside NEOM, HQWS designed and developed the first-ever NEOM House in Davos. We provided comprehensive event management, logistics, and delegate oversight, streamlining the experience for NEOM's team and guests.
What were the challenges?
What were the challenges?
Presenting NEOM's vision and values at an influential global platform, ensuring smooth logistics amidst a high-profile event, and fostering meaningful relationships for NEOM's future.
The Outcome

A Global Vision, Realised

Through meticulous planning and strategic collaborations, HQWS effectively showcased NEOM's aspirations and potential at the World Economic Forum, bridging its ambitions with global stakeholders and future possibilities.
World Economic Forum

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