Ancient Legacy Through Modern Lens

Winter at Tantora AlUla Old Town | Saudi Arabia |
Three nights
Type of management
Event Design, Content Creation, Audio-Visual Solutions, Projection Mapping, Orchestra Formation and Event Execution
Execution delivery
230m HD Projection on Heritage Buildings, Immersive Tantora Projection Show, Creation of AlUla Fusion Orchestra
Set an unparalleled benchmark for cultural events in AlUla by marrying heritage with state-of-the-art tech, impressing attendees and adhering to UNESCO guidelines.
Audience profile
Cultural Enthusiasts, Local Inhabitants, Festival Goers, International Visitors

Mapping Tales of Old

With the Winter Solstice as the backdrop, HQWS worked diligently to illuminate AlUla Old Town's history and its rich intangible heritage. Using intricate LIDAR scans and projection mapping, we painted stories of old on the canvas of ancient mud brick houses, bringing them alive in a festival of lights and sounds.
What did we do?
What did we do?
Collaborated with BILD Studio to craft a projection mapping show that enveloped AlUla Old Town's facade, complemented by the AlUla Fusion Orchestra's rhythms. Every aspect paid homage to AlUla's roots while showcasing innovative technology.
What were the challenges?
What were the challenges?
Adhering to UNESCO guidelines while integrating modern tech onto ancient structures, ensuring the historical accuracy of content, and managing logistics for a grand cultural event in a heritage site.
The Outcome

The Visual Tapestry of Time

By harmonizing AlUla's historical essence with modern technology, HQWS transformed the Winter in Tantora Festival into an unforgettable spectacle. This marriage of the past and present showcased AlUla's rich legacy while setting the tone for future cultural celebrations.
Winter at Tantora

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